Movie Review of "Inception"

Of all the summer movies this summer, this was the one I had been waiting for since I viewed the trailer in early May. I hit up Studio on the Square on Sunday afternoon, and it was packed. Lines out the door. I overheard a few patrons say that they were seeing Inception for the second time, so I was pretty pumped to see it. I’ve always been a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio(from a teen crush to now just a respect for his acting and his movie choices). The director, Christopher Nolan, isn’t too bad either.

Without giving too much away, Inception is a sci-fi action thriller also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Berenger(yes, Tom Berenger, hello Major League), Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Pete Postlethwaite, Michael Caine, and Marion Cotillard. Lukas Haas makes a brief appearance, too. It centers on DiCaprio’s character, who essentially is in charge of a team who enters the dreams of people to obtain information and also to plant a “seed” to change an outcome in reality. We see how the “seed” is created, implanted, and carried out with DiCaprio’s team of capers. A lot of the time Leo, JGL, and Cillian Murphy are in tuxes-not too shabby:)

From every review I’ve read, it has been an A +plus, four star film–and yes, I can agree. BUT…it did leave me with a lot of questions. I got about 90% of the film, but went home to do research on the internet about what I just saw and had to think over everything. It does make you think about how we dream, how the brain works, and how our dreams can help us through problems. It sounds hoky, but I’m a big believer in dream decoding and having the “so, guess what I dreamt about last night” conversations. I loved in the movie the influences of MC Escher and the ideas of lucid dreaming.

Overall, Inception is fascinating, thought provoking, and will surely be up for awards next year. Just be prepared for a lot of head scratching and lively discussions.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review of "Inception"

  1. We saw Inception Saturday. I found it very thought provoking too. I was a little freaked out by it….I was in a slight daze afterwards. I have always had vivid and unusual dreams!

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