Airplane observations…

I flew to Minneapolis last Wednesday to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of my college roommate. Somehow, the gods of flying was good to me, and there were zero problems flying up-check in and security was quick, and the plane ride went well. We had a LOT of kids on the plane, though.

A family of four sat in front of me and another bridesmaid(Anne)-a toddler and probably an 18 month old. The toddler proceeded to talk LIKE THIS AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICCCCCCCCCCE that he loved Buzz Lightyear, or that he needed Buzz Lightyear. Come on, Mom, help the boy out! HIs sister proceeded to scream like a baby pterodactyl(Anne’s words) while waiting for take off…and then was silent the rest of the flight. Good job. Her brother also conked out. Score. While we were gathering our stuff when the plane landed, a man turned around to preoccupy the toddler while the parents got all their crap together and told him he was really good during the flight. The boy exclaimed “I WAS good!” just in the earshot of his mother. It was cute, but the parents were ready to get off the plane and to not deal with screaming children.

Behind us, a Dad sat with his four year old daughter and just chattered away. I didn’t pay much notice until it was a quiet moment and I overheard “Do you like poodles? I like poodles.” It was in the voice of a child who can’t quite say certain vowels or consonants, so it was funny and super random.

Flying back on Sunday to Memphis was super bumpy, and the first time I have witnessed the in flight beverage offer stopped by the captain due to turbulence. None of the less, wedding was great, and I look forward to visiting Anna and Steve in their new home in Tampa.


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