Luck not on my side

Scene: Thursday night, avoiding working on take home final exam and watching Policewomen of Memphis(are you watching this show??? If not, you MUST. TLC. Thursdays at 8CST). Decided to take out trash between commercial break, like I am supposed to every Thursday night for trash pickup Friday mornings.

Here is problem #1:

These are the amount of keys that it takes to keep my duplex locked. If you are counting at home, I believe it is 7. I live in a two story duplex(me occupying second floor), and there are doors upon doors to open, and lock. It’s a pain, but worth living where I am in midtown.

Back to scene-trashcan in hands, and the smaller white keychain in use, I head back inside, go up the back stairs, and realized that I shut one of the doors behind me…that locks on its own. Do I have the correct keys? Of course not. After standing there trying to figure out what to do-everything from breaking the glass window that looks into my kitchen, to breaking down the sealed door that leads from the back stairs landing into my second bedroom/office. So, I sucked it up, and called my management company, and on the EMERGENCY ONLY hotline option, spoke to the head maintenance dude, and twenty minutes later, all was well.

Just how I wanted to spend my evening, but I learned a lesson–treating everyone with respect and courtesy works. He lowered my locked out fee twenty bucks because of the communicative relationship he and I have with maintenance problems.

Oh, and to not get myself into this situation again…


2 thoughts on “Luck not on my side

  1. I used to lock myself out all the time. Call me in the future if you need some place to hang out while waiting for the nice maintenance man.

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