Laundry lessons

The world of laundry is a place I really, REALLY do not want to visit, stay a while, or contemplate traveling there. I let clothes pile up for weeks, and have to dig through piles to find anything. Gross, I know.


So, this past Saturday, I decided to hit the laundromat. Now, I do have a washer and dryer in the basement of the duplex I live in currently-but, I need more than one washing machine this time. I’ve driven past Do Duds laundromat at Madison and Belvedere in midtown Memphis, and it seemed legit. Off I go, basket of clothing, detergent, and a whole lot of quarters.

3 loads of laundry, and a hour later, I was done. Normally, this would take me all day(going down two flights of stairs, having issues with washer not finished a cycle, and frankly, forgetting all about it while watching TV), and I was glad to be done! I will have to remember for the future about the pricing of the washers and dryers–washing cost more. $2-$2.50 per wash! Eh, I think I can handle it. Drying can be as low as 25 cents(which is a 6 minute cycle) to whatever drying time you need(I did 75 cents). The ladies who work there are really nice, and they mean business-signs are everywhere about where to get your change, what washers and dryers are not working, and where you can get softener, etc. I believe you can even drop off your laundry for it to be done for you.

It was pretty quiet, other than a family doing their laundry(and their little girl running around talking to everyone), and every patron who walked in the door talked about the heat. EVERYONE. I got back to one of my books I was reading, and it was a nice way to spend part of my Saturday.

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