Get on the dance floor

House party. Memphis bands. $1.52 beverage from Kwik Check. Shady house in Midtown. These are key moments from Monday evening….

I ventured out into the humid, Monday night with adventure in my hands-my friend, Elizabeth, asked me to go with her to a house to hear three Memphis bands-Wavves, Magic Kids, and Bakesale. See, we are two working girls with salaries, rent, and early bedtimes–going out at 9 on a Monday? SURE! Shake things up! I have listened to Magic Kids before, but not the other two. Always up for new music.

So, off we go to a house near the Forest Hill Dairy, and support these party goers by giving a $1 donation to their MLGW bill-clever. Um, Elizabeth and I literally were the only 2 people, besides kids who just graduated from Central(hello, cane and walker), who were hanging about in this house that clearly hadn’t been cleaned ever, and had a $312.17 MLGW bill on the fridge that needed to be paid:

really, really dirty stove

Elizabeth clearly can’t believe it!

Yeah, we were THOSE weirdos taking pictures in people’s houses–that’s what we were doing to kill time. We decided to spilt, and went to the Blue Monkey for a drink, sat for a bit, and then returned to the partayyyy which now had more people. Things didn’t get rolling until 10:30pm, and the bands started playing. It then became a bikram yoga studio–HOT AS HADES inside the house. People standing shoulder to shoulder, so we claimed a space by the fan, and made friends with a lot of folks. With one journey to Kwik Check across Madison to get a beverage, we made it back to hear Magic Kids bring down the house–almost. They are a fun, quirky band with a somewhat large following(or at least one that is growing) in Memphis. People were dancing so hard the floor was shaking–reminded me of fun times in frat houses in college. Actually, the whole evening reminded me of college. Running up and down streets, hanging in random backyards of parties, beer drinkin’ and not getting home until reallllly late. This time it was almost 1am.

Just for one night, I forgot that I had a “grown up” job and got to hang out with some really cool Rhodes/Memphis/MCA kids who loved music, art, and not giving a shit on how they looked.

More pictures from the evening:
Communal birthday cake anyone?
Magic Kids playing…wee bit blurry.
Random art in the house


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