Bust out the Firetrucks…or not.

June 7th was a big day for fast food eaters: The southern favorite, Chick Fil A, announced that the restaurant will now be selling spicy chicken sandwiches…oooh, ahhh.. Much hype was built up over the last few weeks of May-billboards alluded to it, and patrons could reserve a pre-order tasting of the new sandwich.
So, I decided Monday evening to give it a try. With the new menu redesigned, one could eat it plain, OR with a choice of American, Cheddar, or Provolone for the “Spicy Chicken Deluxe” meal. No thanks, I’m good. When I drove away, I said to myself “why do I smell bacon?” oh, right, the sandwich…hmmm, not a good start.

It was piping hot coming out of the bag, which pleased me. But…this was the zenith of my dinner. I expected explosions of spices-like J-Lo spiciness. Nope. It just tasted like the regular chicken sandwich with a hint, a HINT of some sort of pepper.
Yes, I finished it. But, about an hour later, I was soooo thirsty. Over 1700 grams of sodium in this sammich!!! No wonder.

So, dear readers, go ahead and try it, but I’ll be in the Wendy’s drive thru for my spicy chicken fix.


2 thoughts on “Bust out the Firetrucks…or not.

  1. Oooh, the cheese choice you missed was the pepperjack, which adds a nice little bit of kick. Give it another shot, but get the pepperjack. It's not complete without it. I've had it 3 times so far and prefer it over the Wendy's one.

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