Sweet Little Thing.

I like, no, love food. I’ve never been too picky of an eater, sans the years where I didn’t eat pizza, or peas. But, when it comes to lunchtime, I’m a freak. I think about lunch pretty much around 9:00am and debate in my head the options until the lunch hour rolls around. I work in the East Memphis area, so I decided to hit up Bogie’s Deli during the Memphis lunch hour craziness.

As you can tell, a lot of other Memphians in this picture decided to hit up Bogie’s, too…so, there I was ordering my wrap sammich, chips, and large sweet tea, and Miss Sweet Little Thang who was about 2 feet tall and 90lbs in a Target dress mosey’s up to the counter to ask just for a small cup of potato salad and a piece of the strawberry cake. Really?? That’s all?? Weird combo for me, and I felt like a heifer.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Little Thing.

  1. Eeek. Perhaps a medium potato salad, and NO strawberry cake would have been a better choice. She looks like several women I know. I hope I don't know her for real!

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