I got my warpaint on.

Over the weekend, I went with six other members of the St. Louis Young Adults to help volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. It was a subdivision out in the Raleigh suburb that Habitat had bought to create 44 Habitat homes-five have already been created and we are helping to finish up. My group met a really nice lady named Ricko who couldn’t have been more accomodating and so thankful that we decided to give up a Saturday morning to come help her paint and caulk her house. I didn’t realize just how much the owners have to put into their home-over 350 “sweat” hours. I must say, I was a little nervous when helping paint the interior of her home with Ricko watching me! She was so impressed with my paint rolling skils…yeah, I’m awesome apparently. One of the SLYA members told me I was ready for battle–had enough paint on my face. I must have looked AMAZING. We finished up by noon and ate a pretty good lunch that was provided by Habitat. When we got our box lunches, I think we were ready to collapse-sweeping, peeling junk off the floor, doing some shingle removing, painting walls and door trims, caulking, and doing exterior painting is a LOT to do in 4 hours. If you are interested in volunteering in the Memphis area, go here. Pretty well worth it, but just a little overwhelming in 90 degrees.


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