Totally NOT The Babysitter’s Club…

Scene: Friday night, East Memphis home, babysitting a 18 month old toddler + dog who acts like a puppy and won’t leave me or the baby alone for 2 seconds(literally would eat the cracker out of the kids mouth), bath time.

Kids diaper is off in one corner of the bathroom-yes, it’s a prize filled one.

Bathing child with dog in bathroom…duh.


I scream so loud at the dog that I think I may have deafen the child.

Thankful that the kid’s father came home 30 minutes later.

Scene: Saturday night, Germantown home, two sweet little girls, 7 and 4. We decide that Disney’s classic The Little Mermaid will be the movie du jour. I tell the eldest daughter that I saw this movie in the theaters when I was her age(1989..or 1990..hmm). She looked at me completely dumbfounded…”Andrea, you are OLD. You mean, you SAW THIS in the THEATER?” I proceed to look for my cane and hobbled away.

A few minutes later it was dessert time–“Andrea, are you a mom?” “Nope, not married.” “Oh, why? I think you should marry Prince Eric (from the Little Mermaid).”

Thanks, I’ll try to work it out with Disney.


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