Dishwasher surprise

I live in a duplex built in 1922. I figured I would run into issues, and problems that I am not used to in my previous living establishments when I was choosing a new place to live. A 1940s stove, radiators in every room, creaky hardwood floors, cracks in the ceiling, a basement, and a portable dishwasher(at least, that’s what I call it).
I decided to do the mundane task of washing dishes , and after running the it for two cycles, discovered no water was coming in to the appliance. Awesome. Just awesome. So, made a maintenance request, and was emailed that a tech would come by to fix the problem.
I came home yesterday to find it in this state:

For those of you with good eyes, you can see that there is a quick release valve hooked up to the faucet which supplies the hot water to the dishwasher, et voila, clean dishes. Yeah. One wishes. I read the directions given to me, say out loud ” THIS is how I am going to use the machine??,” turn it on, and plop down to watch late afternoon TBS shows. After hearing it sputter and gurgle, I realize after a while I need to check on it.

Suds. Water. Wet rug.

About 20 minutes later, and 20 towels later, my fight with the dishwasher ends-GE appliance 1, Andrea 0.

I have a feeling my rental management company is going to realllly not like me over the coming year…


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