"You have a baby…in a bar."

Last week, I attended a reception in East Memphis and met Steve Cohen..yes, the Congressman from Tennessee. He is much shorter in real life! Very nice guy, and well spoken. My friend, Elizabeth, recounted the evening here on her blog. Written better than I could ever do!
Afterwards, we killed time at the Beauty Shop restaurant the Cooper Young area-mojitos and creme brulee? OF COURSE!. I need to go back to the Beauty Shop for brunch, which I’ve heard is one of Memphis’s best.

The next night, I headed out to the dive bar, The Cove off of Broad Street in “not quite Midtown, but not quite East Memphis.” I think I may have been one of the youngest patrons there. The bar is from the old Anderton’s restaurant(RIP), and sells old fashioned drinks-Twenty One, mint juleps, mai tais, old fashioneds, etc. I felt like I should be in an episode of “Mad Men” when drinking there. Caught a band called Yazoo Shakes, but what made me do a double take was the pregnant trombone player…


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