Cinco de Mayo!

The 5th of May is here, and we celebrate Mexico kicking some French butt in 1862. Ole! Now drink up and begin stuffing your faces full of tacos and chips and salsa.

In other news…

*Wedding season has commenced! Received invites in the mail yesterday, and went to pick up bridesmaid dress for out of town wedding. Will keep it hanging in eye sight for motivation of getting that killer bridesmaid bod…riiight.

*Still overwhelmed by images and news from flooding in Nashville. Cumberland River is receding, but not quick enough. I can’t image how much this is going to cost, or how they are going to restore historic places, like the Grand Ole Opry.

*I am already feeling the summer heat + driving=miserable 4/5 months.

Not much to say over the last few days.

Got one of these, though, on Monday:

So, yeah, been absorbed with that most of my free time…

Off to lunch!


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