No more teachers, no more books, no more dirty looks…

Spring classes for me are OVAH. Submitted my final paper last night to my professor. I am getting my Master’s in Educational Media, with a concentration in New Media and Global Education from Appalachian State University. All online. It’s been a fun adventure-not have to go to a traditional classroom, with a traditional teacher, and with traditional books. Using synchronous and asynchronous tools(oooooh, big words. Look them up) to communicate with classmates and my professors are methods I wouldn’t have dreamed two years ago I would be using to get a Master’s(Skype, web 2.0 apps, instant messaging).

Aren’t we supposed to be sitting in desks with notebook paper furiously writing a la Mr. Testaverde from Saved by the Bell?? (wish I could find a clip, but alas, can’t.)

Just ready for May 2011 to be here and can begin to use my degree even more. Whatever that means.



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