Life Update

Life Update:

-First year of graduate school completed. Now taking summer school classes…
-Skirt mag blog is pretty much dead in the water.
-Job has been up and down, but looking better on the horizon.
-Have been getting myself emotionally and spiritually healthier, work in progress.
-Will be doing some traveling and concert going this summer, hopefully doing more in Memphis that I’ve wanted to do–Memphis Farmer’s Market, Zoo, more concerts, plays, museum, restaurants. I need to change my outlook on the city, and do more than complain about it.
-Getting more into Twitter. Follow me! FrenchAGD82.
Pretty much it…summer is about to begin, my part time photo job is winding down, and I don’t have youth group meetings anymore, just softball games to attend. I will be going to Bluffton, SC July 12th-19th with our junior high group with Catholic Heart Work Camp. 75 13 and 14 year olds…pray for us all!!

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