8 Random Things About me

Here I am waiting for work to end on this cold Wednesday, and I saw that Francine has requested I follow suit and write 8 Random Things about Me…so, here goes:

1. I love getting new calendars, day timers, planners, etc and filling in birthdays, holidays, days offs, etc. Makes me feel important!
2. I did not eat pizza until I was 13.
3. I have a new appreciation of water, after practicing Bikram yoga.
4. I have a blue eye and a green eye.
5. I hate the words “panties” and “panty hose”.
6. I won 3rd place in the Geography Bee in 4th grade…I did lots of “bees.”
7. I was a pretty active sorority girl(had to steal somewhat of yours Francine!).
8. I like creating bulletin boards–finding knicknacks, cards, quotes, poems, pictures, buttons, etc to arrange on them. Sort of soothing to me.
Your turns! 

2 thoughts on “8 Random Things About me

  1. You only stole the subject. The content was totally different 🙂 And no pizza until 13? Were your parents anti or did you just not like how it looked?

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