Une Maudite Poutine

poutine, quebec, montreal

As I ponder today’s lunch options(it being Friday and in the middle of Lent, no meat for me), I think back over what I really wish I could eat today. Yes, a big, juicy burger from Huey‘s, or even a turkey sandwich with avocado from Holiday Ham would be delish, but, today I am craving poutine.

What is poutine you might ask? (poo-teen).
When I worked in upstate New York for three summers in college at a summer camp, the staff would venture out on night outs, dinners off, or even days off, to find any food/alcohol other than camp food. So, off we went to Montreal, QC to enjoy all things “Quebecois.” Poutine was a food that I’ve never had before–chili fries, yes, but with cheese curds, and gravy? Not in Memphis.  After gobbling down these pommes frites in about, oh, 20 seconds, I was hooked. Poutine can be found in many fast food restaurants, pubs, and there are poutine stands on the sides of major roads. There are many different versions of poutine–some have extreme toppings, like hot spices or even caviar! Click here to read more about this delicious delicacy…picture courtesy of the Tastee Freeze in Chateaugay, NY.

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