Lock Your Knee…Lock your Knee…Lock YOUR KNEE! Change!: Bikram Yoga Thoughts

So, I discovered this form of yoga almost a year ago, in March. Memphis has a weekly(or is it monthly? hmmm…) newpaper focusing on women’s health, hot trends in working out, health food, etc, and Bikram Yoga was a featured article. I’ve heard of this “hot yoga” craze from a fashion mag, but thought it was some fad.

Oh, was I wrong…
I went to the only studio in Memphis (www.bikramyogamemphis.com) for the first time in late April of 07. I read on the website about what to wear(pretty much go nekkid…), what to drink(buckets of water), and how much it will cost me(an arm and a leg).
I survived the 90 minute torture chamber, and came out alive! Bikram(beek-rum) yoga is 26 postures or asanas that are done in sequential order each time you come. It is named after Bikram Choudhruy)  Every time you go, you know what to expect, and can improve upon each posture. Yes, you are in 105 degree heat, and have sweat forming in places that shouldn’t be discussed, but hey, you look slim, feel stronger, and can become emotionally fit.  Bikram yoga studios are found across North America and around the world–I’ve even thought of going when I am in France this summer…
picture above is the Standing Head to Feet Pose–almost looking like her…almost…

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